One of the most vital rooms in the house is the living room. Although living rooms used to be formal and reserved for guests, today’s homes include living rooms that are used more often.  In fact, this room is the place where family, relatives and friends gather. It is most likely the room, which holds the most valued family memories. Weather watching movies, reading books, playing games, or simply having family time to chat with one another the living room is essential to any household, and thus the décor must match the family lifestyle. Mar-go Interiors in Wesley Chapel Florida offers a variety of breath taking ideas to captivate any style of living. Our experienced interior decorators are capable of a full spectrum of interior styles with one goal in mind: To exceed your expectations.

Interior Design In Wesley Chapel Florida

You’re living room may be in the front of the house, set apart from the family room, dining room and kitchen or it may be part of a larger area that includes the dining area and the kitchen.  Many new homes take advantage of an open concept and the varying sizes of the living room can make decorating a dilemma.   Having a professional interior designer help you with the ins and out of decorating your living room will ensure the end results are just what you imagined.  Use the time with your interior designer to ensure your room’s style is cohesive and balanced.  We can help you create the right ambiance to make sure you provide your family and guests with a comfortable room that looks amazing!

Decorating Ideas For The New Year

Pillows – One of the best ways to add a bit of color without overpowering a room is to add your favorite colors in throw pillows.  In 2017 colors are forecasted to be more vibrant and bold.  Adding pops of color to your décor can be just what your neutral background needs.  When you decide to add a few pillows to your living room, consider adding an odd number of pillows and use fabric with coordinating patterns.  Don’t be tempted to play it safe with one pillow style or fabric.

Accent Chairs – Another way to add color to your living room décor without going out on a limb is to add a patterned fabric accent chair.  Accent chairs can be overstuffed or minimal depending on the other furniture in your room.  Adding an accent chair near a window is the perfect way to add a reading nook without using too much space.  Accent chairs are also great ways to create seating areas and provide extra seating for guests.

Tables – A well thought out design includes tables that are placed in just the right place to cater to the user.  Game tables, side tables and coffee tables not only hold accessories but create a usable space for refreshments Having different shape tables also adds a dimension to your room you won’t achieve any other way.

Window Treatments – Choosing the right window treatment to fit your lifestyle and lighting can tie the room together, especially if the room opens into another area of the house.  Window treatments can help with energy efficiency, create ambiance with natural light or block light and offer privacy.  No matter what you’re view, making the most of the windows in your living room will be your best option.

At Mar-go Interiors we can help you make the most of your living room.  We can help you accent the positive aspects of your room and hide any imperfections.  We promise to listen closely to your needs and wants, and help create the perfect living room.  For more living room decorating tips for the New Year, call Mar-go Interiors today.