Interior Decorating is not a science.  There are no rules or laws to follow, on the contrary, the more creativity and imagination that is used the better.  However, there are a few principles that can help guide your interior decorating projects towards success.  At Mar-Go Interiors our professionals want to be your Interior decorator in Wesley Chapel.  We can assist you through the process of creating just the right look for any space in your home.

Tips from your Wesley Chapel Interior Decorator:

  1.  Choose paint color last.  Often homeowners want to choose a wall color first before moving in.  This situation is really not ideal because paint comes in so many different tones and shades.  It is best to choose a paint color that complements your furniture, rug, artwork and everything else that you plan on having in the room under the lighting that will be in the room as well.  
  1.  Do not overcrowd a room.  Often less is more – spend your money on higher quality pieces and leave more space to maneuver in.  Your rooms will look much better if your furniture pieces are not fighting for attention.  
  1.  Artwork should be hung at the correct height.  The rule of thumb for hanging artwork is that the center of each piece is 57 – 60 inches from the floor.  The average eye level of most humans is 57 inches.  It is very easy to hang artwork too high if the ceilings are high.  
  1.  Three ways to arrange furniture on a rug.  The 3 basic ways you can place furniture on your rug is All On, All Off or Front On.  
  1.  Be Careful with themes.   It is very easy to get caught up in a theme and end up with a room that lacks individuality.  You can achieve a coastal look by choosing original artwork, paint colors and fabrics without doing the typical Cape Cod look with anchors and sailboats.  
  1.  Start with a focal point.  It is very helpful to choose a focal point, something that you love that you can build a room around.  Your focal point could be an art piece, a mantel, or a headboard.  No matter what you choose it needs to be something that will draw the attention of visitors.  
  1.  Be willing to let go of items.  If something is not working in the room you must be willing to let it go.  
  1.  Vary scale and proportion.  Things may be either too big or too small for a space.  Make sure that you are always varying the proportion and scale of items.  In artwork arrangement, another rule of thumb is that groups of threes and fives make for pleasing to the eye arrangements than do even numbers.
  2.  Layer lighting.  Layered lighting in a room can make a huge statement.  Highlighting artwork, a lit backsplash, or lighting cabinet interiors add drama and interest to any space.  Professional interior designers use lighting to create variety and interest.  
  1.  Take chances.  Creativity can give a space personality.  Don’t be afraid to be bold and make a statement.  

Using some of these guidelines can help you with a starting point as you decorate and furnish your home.  At Mar-Go Interiors we offer a full range of Hunter Douglas products, custom window treatments, window fashions, custom draperies as well as interior design services.  Our interior designers in Wesley Chapel are proud to be Serving Wesley Chapel Florida and the Tampa area.